Following on from our successful replacement Cylinder Heads for the Jenbacher 3 Series gas engines, in September 2014 we launched our replacement Cylinder Heads for Jenbacher Type 6 F Series Gas Engines.

Using the latest production technology and processes, and the highest standard of material specifications, we supply our UK manufactured superior quality replacement cylinder heads for Jenbacher Type 6 Engines.

SIDCO Cylinder Head Jenbacher 620 FSIDCO replacement Cylinder Heads are fully interchangeable with your existing GE Jenbacher Cylinder Heads.

Committed to Engineering Excellence

Close attention to design engineering detail ensuring correct thermal and mechanical performance in all critical areas.

Cooling passageways have been optimised to provide effective heat transfer and cooling in all areas.

Our cylinder head castings are produced in a Lloyds Certified foundry, covering the manufacture, testing, and material certification.

Superior quality casting mettalurgy is achieved by tightly controlled heat treatment procedures at various stages of the melt, stringent attention to the melt chemistry, and material sampling and analysis to ensure the correct resulting microstructure. This attention to detail results in a high integrity Cylinder Head, with a casting that has both the required strength and ductility, along with the heat transfer capability required on this Jenbacher engine.

Detailed engineering and attention to detail at the design stage ensures efficient and effective, water cooling and heat transfer.

Machining detail is closely monitored, with stringent final inspection to ensure that the intended design detail has been achieved. This attention to detail is what helps to differentiat our product from others, and is intended to ensure a high integrity product which will provide long service life.

We utilise the latest in production engineering technology and quality control to ensure we deliver the best quality cylinder head at a very competitive price.6 Series Cylinder Head Section

SIDCO replacement Cylinder Heads can be supplied in various build options to meet our customers specific requirements.

Bare Cylinder Heads

Heads can be supplied as a bare, machined casting, fitted with all core plugs and inspection side doors. This is fully inspected and pressure tested.

Fully built Complete Cylinder Heads

Fully assembled Cylinder Heads are built up to order depending on your specific build requirements. We have various options with different valve spring rates, different rotators, and different spark plug tubes.

We generally use our fully proven inlet and outlet valves which are the highest quality valves available for Jenbacher engines, designed and manufactured to provide extended service life and save our customers money.

However, we will be pleased to build up your cylinder heads with Original GE Jenbacher valves and components if that is the customers' requirement.

Once built up, the heads will be finsih painted, and then undergo a second pressure test to ensure they are ready for installation on your engine, to provide reliable service.



SIDCO Cylinder Heads For Jenbacher 620 Type 6 F Series Awaiting Final InspectionSIDCO Cylinder Heads For Jenbacher 620 Type 6 F Series


















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