SIDCO replacement Cylinder Heads for Jenbacher 3 Series Gas Engines are precision engineered and manufactured in the UK to precise manufacturing standards. They are cast, heat treated, machined, inspected and water pressure tested in the UK by a specialist Lloyds certified foundry and a specialist manufacturer who manufacture cylinder heads for some of the major European Diesel and Gas Engine Manufacturers. We ensure close attention to detail at every stage of engineering, specification, and manufacture, so as to supply our customers with the best quality cylinder heads, that will provide reliable performance and a long service life.

SIDCO DS23 Cylinder Head Machining Jenbacher Type 3 320SIDCO's cylinder heads are supplied in various build options to meet our customers specific requirements. From a bare primed machined casting, complete with spark plug tube and pressure tested, to a fully built up finish painted head complete with valves and springs, ready to be fitted to your engine.

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All heads go through a rigorous and documented quality control testing and inspection to ensure conformity with specifications.

Fully assembled cylinder heads have precision ground seats, individually checked for concentricity, with valve seating checked visually and by vacuum leak testing. This close attention to detail during assembly, coupled with use of only the best quality components, ensures a cylinder head that will give total reliability in service, and long operational period before routine maintenance is required.

Inlet and Outlet valves are manufactured exclusively for SIDCO to our own detailed engineering specifications. These valves provide superior life, with over 20,000 reliable hours on landfill gas being attainable.

On completion of final cylinder head assembly, each inlet valve and exhaust valve will be vacuum leak tested to confirm we have perfect valve seating. The head will be stamped up with a unique, traceable, serial number, preserved and wrapped in protective packaging so it is ready to fit straight to your engine.

Cylinder heads are held in stock in various build options, ready for same day despatch to our valued customers. Over 80 Cylinder Heads held in stock, ready for immediate despatch.

Over 500 SIDCO Replacement Cylinder Heads for Jenbacher 3 Series engines are in reliable operation worldwide, providing increased reliablity and engine availability, whilst reducing engine operating costs for our customers. 

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Cylinder Head Overhauls - Jenbacher 3 Series

SIDCO offer a complete Cylinder Head Overhaul service for your Jenbacher 3 Series Gas Engines.

Each head is initially inspected for any major damage and measured to ensure it is within dimensional tolerance. Once the customer's cylinder heads have passed initial inspection, they are then fully stripped and 'hot washed' to remove all debris. All components are inspected to ensure they are within tolerance, and suitable for re-fitting. Any not suitable to be re-fitted will be replaced.

Close attention to detail is paid at all times in the process, to ensure that the overhauled heads are suitable to go back into service to provide reliable engine operation.

We take great pride in the quality of our workmanship, and all work is fully warranted. After overhaul, the heads come out looking 'as new' condition ready to give reliable duty.

We may not offer the cheapest overhaul service, but it is of the highest quality, using the highest quality components, which will provide extended service life, improved engine availability and reliability, and lower operating costs.

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