High quality replacement Pistons, Piston Rings and Gudgeon Pins for Jenbacher 3 Series Gas Engines are held in our UK stock for same day despatch. We hold large stocks of both 3 ring and 4 ring pistons, along with the correct piston ring sets.

Our Pistons, Piston Rings, and Gudgeon Pins, are manufactured in the EU by recognised manufacturers, are of the correct high quality materials. Their performance has been proven in service over many years, and we have built up a large repeat customer base who are satisfied with the performance, and the service provided by SIDCO.

Efficient combustion, low emissions, and good fuel consumption will only be achieved by using pistons and piston rings that are of exactly correct material specification, geometry and dimensional tolerances.

Piston Rings For Jenbacher Series 3 Gas Engine

The Jenbacher 3 series engines are finely tuned so as to achieve maximum efficiency whilst giving low emissions. One significant factor in this is in the detailed geometry of the piston crown, combustion bowl, and the performance of the piston rings.

SIDCO pistons have been proven in many thousands of hours of service to perform correctly and provide efficient combustion and low emissions in accordance with thge original engine specifications.

It is of utmost importance that the pistons rings are manufactured with the correct surface finish, side face profile, and with the correct tension resulting in correct side face pressure and consequently perfect combustion chamber sealing.

Piston ring friction losses account for a significant amount of the total mechanical losses in a gas engine. There is a fine balance to be had to ensure that friction losses are minimised, oil consumption is kept to a low level, and oil contamination is minimised.

SIDCO Pistons and Piston Rings are manufactured by EU manufacturers, under strict quality control procedures, ensuring the correct mettalurgical and dimensional specifications and tolerances. Proven in service to give reliable engine operation, long life, correct oil consumption and emissions, and good fuel consumption.

SIDCO Pistons, Piston Rings, and Gudgeon Pins are very competitively priced, whilst maintaining our high quality standards required for long service life and reliable and efficient operation.

Our Pistons, Pistons Rings and Gudgeon Pins are available from stock for same day despatch.


3 Ring Piston - Jenbacher 320

OEM MIBA Bearings

We hold large stocks of OEM MIBA Small End Bush, Large End Bearings, Main Bearings, Thrust Washers, and Camshaft Bushes for your 3 series and 4 series Jenbacher Gas Engines.

We also hold in our UK stock, OEM undersize and oversize Main Bearings and Large End Bearings, all at very competitive prices.







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