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SIDCO Energy Services Ltd is an independent, privately owned, UK engineering company who specialise in the engineering, manufacture, procurement and supply of premium quality spare parts for Jenbacher Gas Engines.

SIDCO have built up a valuable reputation for the supply of premium quality engineered replacement engine components, accompanied by extensive product knowledge and dependable customer support.

With over 30 years of experience in the Diesel and Gas Engine Power Industry, we have considerable personal experience and technical knowledge, enabling us to deliver the best products, service and support to our valued customers.

For the Jenbacher range of gas engines we have a continuous programme of enhanced product development, enabling us to deliver the highest quality engineered replacement spare parts to our customers.

We have invested extensively in the development of replacement Cylinder Heads for the Jenbacher Series 6 and Series 3 Gas Engines. These products are established and proven in service. We also offer our replacement Inlet and Exhaust Valves, Valve Seats, Spring Retainers, Cylinder Head gaskets, Scraper Ring Inserts, Cylinder Liners, Pistons, Piston Rings, Water Pump Shafts, Water Pump Overhaul Kits, Top Overhaul Kits, Head Gasket Sets, and an extensive range of gaskets and O-rings to support the routine maintenance of your gas engines. All of these spare parts are held in stock in significant quantities in our UK warehousing, ready for same day despatch to our valued customers.

Our business strength lies in our superior quality spare parts, extensive stocks of routine maintenance parts, and a dedicated technical and product support team, and the integrity with which we work with our valued customers to our mutual benefit.

Cylinder Heads

SIDCO replacement Cylinder Heads for Jenbacher 3 Series Gas Engines are precision engineered and manufactured in the UK to exacting manufacturing standards. They are cast, heat treated, machined, inspected and water pressure tested in the UK by a specialist Lloyds certified foundry and a manufacturer who manufacture cylinder heads for some of the major European Heavy Diesel Engine Manufacturers. We ensure close attention to detail at every stage of engineering, specification, and manufacture so as to supply our customers with the best quality cylinder heads, that will provide reliable performance.

Valves - Inlet and Exhaust

SIDCO valves are the highest quality Inlet and Exhaust Valves and Valve Seats for Jenbacher Series 3 Gas Engines. Through the use of improved metallurgy, precision controlled heat treatment, superior surface finishing, and quality manufacturing processes, combined with our extensive operational knowledge and experience, result in the best valves for Jenbacher Gas Engines. Our Inlet and Exhaust valves are service proven to last longer. Our customers save money due to improved engine reliability, extended service intervals, and reduced maintenance costs.

We hold large stocks of these valves for the Jenbacher 3 series gas engines. Ready for same day despatch to our customers.

Water Pump Overhaul Kits and replacement Shafts

We stock kits which include all items required for rtoutine maintenace of your water pumps for 312, 316 and 320 Jenbacher Gas Engines. Pump impellers / wheels and gears are also held in our stock.

We also supply our own replacement water pump shafts, which are of superior quality, and at a signifcantly lower price.

Cylinder Head Gasket Kits

Available from stock we have cylinder head gasket kits comprising of Inlet Gasket, Exhaust Gasket, Green O-Rings, Water Manifold gasket, Cylinder Head gasket (wide and narrow), scraper Ring etc. All proven in service, top quality replacement parts providing significant cost savings whilst maintaining your engines operational reliability.

Pistons, Gudgeon Pins, Pistons Rings, and Cylinder Liners

Top quality replacement Pistons, Gudgeon Pins, Piston Rings, Cylinder Liners, Liner O-Rings and Scraper Rings are available from stock to support your routine gas engine maintenance programme.

All items are of the highest quality, and are fully proven in service.

All parts offered are proven in service, and are fully interchangeable with the original GE Jenbacher Spare Parts.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss your requirements. We look forward to being of service to you. 

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SIDCO Energy Services Ltd

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