Used Jenbacher Gas Engines and Generating Sets

Through our network of partners and associates in the industry, we have been successful in supplying a number of used Jenbacher 3 Series Generating Sets to our customers.

It is a fast moving market, and generating sets in good condition are in high demand.

If you have any requirements for used Jenbacher Engines or Generating Sets, please get in touch with your requirements and we will see what we can locate.


Current Stock

Jenbacher 208 CHP Genset - Low Hours, Excellent Condition

Jenbacher 208 CHP Genset, with heat recovery, acoustic enlosure, and hot water storage tanks.

This 294 kWe generating set with over 400 kW of recoverable heat is ideal for a CHP scheme, operating on natural gas or biogas.

This set was previosuly installed in an Austrian Office Block, primarily to provide Hot Water for heating. It has been correctly maintained and is in exceptional condition.

It is rare to find a 208 Generating set in such remarkable condition, and with the added benefit of coming complete with heat recovery equipment, and full acoustic enclosure and ventilation system.

Brief Details :

Jenbacher 208 GS Gas Generating Set

Operating Hours : 3,109 hours


Equipment :

Generator Circuit Braeker

Acoustic Enclosure

Gas and Fire Alarm System inside Acoustic Enclosure

Anti-Vibration Mounts under engine module frame

Complete Gas Train for Natural Gas

Pumps and Control Valves for hot water sysstem

Exhaust gas Heat Exchanger

Heat recovery for Oil, Jacket Water and Intercooler Circuits.

Exhaust Silencer

Lub Oil Tanks for clean and waste lub oil with pump system


Currently in stock in the UK, and ready for immediate delivery.


Jenbacher 208 - Acoustic Enclosure - SideJenbacher 208 - Acoustic Enclosure - EndJenbacher 208 CHP Genset inside Acoustic Enclosure