SIDCO Energy Services Ltd supply the highest quality Inlet Valves, Exhaust Valves, and Valve Seat Rings for Jenbacher Series 6 Gas Engines.

The 6 Series Jenbacher Gas Engines operate at high BMEP on a range of different gaseous fuels with varying combustion characteristics.

SIDCO Inlet Valve 334781 Exhaust Valve 334782 for Jenbacher 6 Series Gas EnginesThrough the use of improved metallurgy, precision controlled heat treatment, superior surface finishing, and the highest quality manufacturing processes, we offer you the best performing valves available for Jenbacher Series 6 Gas Engines.

Quality control throughout the manufacturing processes with regular inspection ensures that our valves meet our engineering specifications, and will provide superior operational performance.

Special surface treatments providing smooth surface finish at a molecular level, work to reduce the build up of combustion deposits on the valve stem, resulting in reduced valve guide wear, and improved heat transfer between the valve stem and valve guide.

Our attention to detail in the process of surface finish hardness, to a carefully controlled depth, ensures valve head flexibility is maintained. This is essential to ensure sufficient conformability of the valve head to provide reliable seating and reduce the incidence of 'tracking' across the valve/seat gas sealing face, which if permitted could lead to premature valve seat burning.

Our extensive operational knowledge and experience, combined with acute attention to detail in aspects of material specification, valve geometry, and manufacturing processes, result in the best valves for Jenbacher Gas Engines.

Our Inlet and Exhaust valves for Jenbacher 6 series engines are service proven to last longer. For higher powered 6 series engines, the extended service life is a very significant factor in increasing engine availability, and reducing downtime. Our customers save money due to improved engine reliability, extended service intervals, and reduced maintenance costs.

We hold large stocks of inlet valves, exhaust valves, and valve seat rings for the Jenbacher 6 series gas engines. Ready for same day despatch to our customers throughout the world.

These valves are manufactured exclusively for SIDCO Energy Services Ltd, and are not available from any other sources.






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